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Marketing Manager Needed

We are currently looking for a sales and marketing specialist to work for a percentage of net revenue. We need someone who can keep distribution platforms, social media, and blogs updated and initialize sales strategies to increase units shipped and general exposure.

Job Description

  • Daily maintenance of social media platforms. A simple tweet/facebook post or submission activity on reddit with some strategic placement would be a necessity.
  • Wiki editing for company descriptions, mission statements, presskit information across distribution platforms.
  • Analysis of sales figures, market research, and engagements.
  • Position can be filled working remotely. Must be able to familiarize with development team and learn some team development strategies.

Compensation would be calculated/negotiated based on a percentage of company net revenue on a tiered scale. The position has been scheduled into phases below. The phases represent the priority of tasks and development of the position as criteria for performance.

Phase 1: Engagement

The day-to-day activity of the job would consist of maintaining regular posting schedules on social media, adding content to exposure outlets such as dev databases, and updating a dev (b)log. This would be the most important and necessary phase of the position.

Phase 2: Key Performance Indicators

This phase would consist of analyzing sales and engagement data, comparing markets, building targeted campaigns, and configuring sales and marketing strategies. This component would require expertise in both the field of marketing and in the gaming industry as a whole, and may be converted to a second position as needed. Furthermore, this phase would cover business-to-business marketing for services, publishing opportunities, and other enterprises outside of product sales.


Here are some of the platforms and outlets that would need to be maintained.


Humble Store


Lasso Games Twitter
Levantera Twitter
MiniLAW Twitter

Lasso Games Facebook
Levantera Facebook
MiniLAW Facebook

Levantera on reddit
MiniLAW on reddit

This position is arguably the most important position of all. Products can never be sold if no one knows they exist. Since it is a percentage-based job, compensation would be directly related to sales performance. Other terms of compensation could be built around performance indicators which could be determined after an evaluation period.

A worker with a high level of performance in this position would benefit Lasso Games and the individual greatly. Increasing sales figures and exposure across the board would also generate more interest in our projects and give us more resources to work with development talent.

Furthermore, building hype on our intellectual properties would help to put community pressure on developers to help meet development goals.

Internship Opportunities

Lasso Games has worked closely with universities and community colleges to provide internship opportunities to game developers, artists, and marketing specialists. Interns will engage in Agile Development methodologies and remote teamwork. We currently offer internships in the following job descriptions:

Quality Assurance

Testing games and reporting bugs according to company protocol.

Level Design

Learning GameMaker and Unity IDEs to conceptualize and develop levels for games.


Providing digital visual art, music, and sound effects to be used in-game and in promotional material.


Scheduling and posting social media and promotional posts as well as attending gaming/development expos and working booths.


For more information about the position, or to request a video or VOIP interview, please contact jack@lassogames.com with resume/CV/portfolio links and any other applicable reference material.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team!