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miniLAW 0.1.7 - What You Want: Some Now, Some Later

Welcome to the party pal. Lots to see and experience in this update.

New Features

Primary ammo types expanded: this will give you more control over your gun loadout. Check out all the new and old ammo below with descriptions. The new primary ammos are listed with ***

RAZOR 6.33MM - Standa...

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Date: October 6th at 8:15pm

miniLAW 0.1.6 - Noble Signage!

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY, also known as update day here at Lasso Games. We've been hard at work (again) and have excited gases to show you (and a few features).

We wanted to take a step back from the hardcore programming this week, and showcase the city side of New Babel with some world building. Th...

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Date: September 29th at 10:10pm

miniLAW 0.1.5 - Improved Rag Dolls!

Each and every Friday an update, better than the last? You decide!



  • Improved collision detection and performance
  • Less sticky ragdolls
  • Ragdolls show locational damage
  • Ragdolls track damage character takes over lifetime
  • You can interact with ragdolled enem...
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Date: September 23rd at 12:08am

Chains, meat, bags, and rag dolls!

Happy Friday everyone! Time again for the weekly build, and 0.1.4 is ready!

After we got a taste of the swinging physics on the light objects from 0.1.3, we had to keep going with it and take it to the next level. Here's what's on the slate for today's update:


Verlet integration for rop...

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Date: September 15th at 9:29pm

miniLAW: Early Access!

Early Access is here!

With additions to enemy types and new enemy AI, new boss battles, Clue/Raid System, and selectable traits at the beginning of every game, we have launched miniLAW: Ministry of Law Early Access on Steam, Gamejolt, Itch.io, and Humble Store!


Buy now for access today and be a...

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Date: August 26th at 11:10am
Author: Jack Daniels