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GDWC 2017 - Helsinki, Finland


Just wanted to give yall a quick update on what we've been up to lately, and why the next update has been taking longer than expected.

We had the opportunity to present MiniLAW as a finalist in the professional category for the Game Development World Championship in Helsinki, Finland. I...

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Date: January 21st at 8:47am

miniLAW Storyline

Hello, I’m Ed. I started writing the narrative for miniLAW a couple of months ago. I’m also working on Lasso’s other upcoming title, Levantera. I thought I’d write a post about what our goals are for miniLAW’s narrative, how we’re accomplishing them, and what we’ve got in stock for the...

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Date: June 22nd at 8:14am
Author: Ed Sibley

Levantera Alphas!

Howdy folks! Jack here.

As some of you may know, we have been working on Levantera: Tale of The Winds since around March of 2015. It was the first game project we went after as a team, and after running a kickstarter campaign which did not get funded, we announced that we would continue working...

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Date: March 22nd at 3:48pm

miniLAW 0.2.1 - miniFACT Mandatory Holiday Update

You are required to enjoy holiday seasons or you will face prosecution.

Big update with a long change log, hang on for the ride.


-Added 6 different wall mounted CRT screens ANDDDD created 8 in-universe TV shows that display randomly on said screens.

-Several people in New Babel...

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Date: March 22nd at 3:45pm

miniLAW 0.1.7 - What You Want: Some Now, Some Later

Welcome to the party pal. Lots to see and experience in this update.

New Features

Primary ammo types expanded: this will give you more control over your gun loadout. Check out all the new and old ammo below with descriptions. The new primary ammos are listed with ***

RAZOR 6.33MM - Standa...

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Date: October 6th at 8:15pm