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We Are Sold Out of Random Quest! (5/20/24)


We had an amazing time at the conventions we attended this year! In fact we had such an amazing time that we sold out of all physical copies of Random Quest!

This will be our first attempt at ordering parts for Random Quest since the Kickstarter, so it may take some extra time to finalize and s...

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Date: May 20th at 10:23am

We Are Recruiting!


Are you interested in making video games? Join our co-op today!

Lead or be part of a team to make your very own video game project!

Want to know more? Check out our charter by clicking here!

and join our Discord here

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Date: March 22nd at 7:08pm

Random Quest Is Now at Cicada Books!


If you are in the Huntington area make sure to grab yourself a copy of Random Quest from Cicada Books! Don't forget to also grab yourself a book and coffee to boot!


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Date: March 20th at 9:56am

Lasso Games Will Be at MonRiverGame’s Spring Indie Showcase!


This Saturday (3/23/24) Lasso Games will be up in Morgantown to hit up the Spring Indie Showcase!

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Date: March 20th at 9:38am

Don’t Forget to Check out MiniLaw!


Unfortunately seems our blog error has erased most of our information on MiniLaw.

Roam the dystopian future city of New Babel, Mankind's Last Hope, in search of crimes in progress. Use lethal weapons, non-lethal force, and diplomacy to take down bad guys.

When we celebrated 3 years of New Ba...

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Date: March 20th at 9:29am