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GDWC 2017 - Helsinki, Finland


Just wanted to give yall a quick update on what we've been up to lately, and why the next update has been taking longer than expected.

We had the opportunity to present MiniLAW as a finalist in the professional category for the Game Development World Championship in Helsinki, Finland. I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Finland to present the game, meet some amazing devs from around the world, visit a few Scandinavian studios (Rovio, King.com in Stockholm, Sweden), and even speak to Finnish Parliament about the competition and the state of the gaming industry around the world.


We placed 3rd overall!


I wanted to personally thank all of you for staying active in the community, showing your interest in the game and providing us with outstanding feedback throughout this process. The Steam community in particular has been an incredible source of inspiration and cooperation for us, and we are on the final stretch of finishing out the last of the narrative events and tying in some multiple endings in preparation for full release.


Check us out on social media. It always helps to have people like and share our social media content. If you're on facebook or twitter, look us up! :D

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Date: January 21st at 4:47am