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Levantera Alphas!

Howdy folks! Jack here.

As some of you may know, we have been working on Levantera: Tale of The Winds since around March of 2015. It was the first game project we went after as a team, and after running a kickstarter campaign which did not get funded, we announced that we would continue working on the project at a slower pace, keep the community involved, and release it at a later date without funding.

Well, here we are over two years later, and we have...something to show for it. A lot has changed since the demo from Kickstarter was released. We have learned a lot of new techniques, and new tools have been developed.

As many of you know, we have been developing Levantera with GameMaker:Studio, which has now been replaced by YoYoGames' newest software suite, GMS2.

We got a good idea of the ins and outs of this IDE by entering Levantera: Arenainto the GMS2 Beta Jam, for which we earned Honorable Mention!

What we would like to do from here is continue the project in GMS2, and release what we have built so far to you, free of charge. You have followed us on social media, provided feedback, suggestions, and commentary for us all this time, and we would like to involve the community in development even more.

The latest alpha of the game can be found at itch.io and is available for download on windows. Keep in mind, this build is still unforunately far from completion. There will be bugs, freezes, empty areas, placeholders, and inconsistencies. We hope you enjoy it all the same, and continue to offer us feedback and suggestions to drive it toward release!

Enjoy! :)

Date: March 22nd at 3:48pm