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miniLAW 0.2.1 - miniFACT Mandatory Holiday Update

You are required to enjoy holiday seasons or you will face prosecution.

Big update with a long change log, hang on for the ride.


-Added 6 different wall mounted CRT screens ANDDDD created 8 in-universe TV shows that display randomly on said screens.

-Several people in New Babel still celebrate christmas and we have added in 3 new celebratory christmas trees.

-Added new Hanger scene that displays when docked at miniLAW HQ.

-Added 24 movie posters from the miniLAW universe!

-Updated enemy AI, they will not break cover to engage the player-aligned npcs instead of always sticking in their cover. Also improved their cover taking routine to be more fluid.

-15 new "isoblock" sprites for New Babel's map screen. Also

-Snack vending machine cover object!

-5 new motorbike/scooter objects to destroy.

-New Bodega Level

-Added electrical damage effects to the appropriate cover and background objects. ZZZZZZZZZZZZap.

-New background tiles and back cover objects that take full advantage of the darkness changes.

-2 new neon signs, 4 computer monitors, 5 wastebaskets.


-The New Babel map generator tracks which building type exists in the smallest number and creates that for each new building, effectively evening out what kind of platforming level types exist in any playthrough and making it less likely you see the same level multiple times in a row.

-Background tiles and back covers now draw darkness in the shape of their opaque parts, so glass or empty spaces will show through to the ambient lighting conditions(aka the cityscape).

-Paper and cardboard debris now float correctly in 60 fps.

-Optimized engine to not calculate and display various things that are off the screen. This cuts down on processing power and gives a few extra FPS in some areas.

-Changes to grab based melee moves, they perform more consistently how they were intended.

-More efficient checks for all bullets so they should run smoother in situations where a lot of them are being fired.

-All bullet ricochet noises now use a distance calculation instead of playing at full volume inexplicably. This will created depthhhhhhh of sound.

-Removed a fair amount of legacy junk from all impact creation codes.

-Longer casings like the 454 now display properly in the HUD and don't overlap it.

-Fixed miniFACT messages not formatting correctly.

Coming Soon:

Date: March 22nd at 3:45pm